Frances Topping


I have long loved and appreciated nature in all its glories, interactions and complexities. I love to travel and have been fortunate to visit many countries which I sketch and photograph. Sketching is more personal; the image is ingrained in the brain and it is selective. By really looking and seeing wonder is increased. I wish to share this with others.

I blend experience and education in geography, botany, zoology, graphic design and nature science illustration with interpretation for educational purposes. I have created text and illustration for brochures and exhibits, painted murals for institutions and private homes, led nature journaling classes for all ages and taught botanical art. I also do personal fine art, often landscapes or botanicals.

I am a affiliated with several organizations:

Guild of Natural Science Illustrators  and
GNSI-NE (New England chapter)

Wickford Art Association

Mystic Art Association

Freelance Artist Network

New England Society of Botanical Artists

American Society of Botanical Artists


Frances Topping

illustrator, fine artist, educator and naturalist.

BS Geography, Botany, Zoology, University of Sheffield, England

BFA Graphic Design with Illustration and Photography, University of Akron, Ohio

Certificate of Natural Science Illustration, Rhode Island School of Design.



Phone: 401 364 8002

fmtopping at Charlestown, RI  USA

Drawing requires really seeing and understanding your subject